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Heritage Clock Tower

 Heritage Clock Tower

As you stroll or drive north along Madison Street in Webb City you'll be captivated by an elegant colonial style tower gracing the high school campus. The Heritage Clock Tower & Carillon embodies through its detailed design the rich Legacy, devotion and veracity of the Webb City, Missouri community. On May 1, 2011, a dedication was held in the Ronald L. Lankford Library and Media Center. Webb City businessman and alumni, Jim Dawson, designed and funded the construction of the beautiful structure commemorating the Webb City R-VII School District's dedicated teacher and staff members and to assist with the financial support of the district's general scholarship fund.

From the structure's foundation to the top spire, each design element of the Heritage Clock Tower & Carillon offers meaning. The four corner supports of the tower represent the Four Pillars of Education: Learning to Know, To Do, To Live Together, To Be. The archways represent the doorways to the students' future, that they can go anywhere from here. On each side of the tower is a footed "W" relief and the year, 1877. The lights on each side of the pillars are a reminder our educators illuminate the way for our students, affecting eternity. There is also a lighthouse cupole at the top signifying that education lights the way to the future. The color of the tower is meant to resemble the traditional red brick school houses prevalent in 1877 when the first classes were held in Webb City. The tower houses an electric Carillon featuring Westminster Chimes, with musical and traditional bell programs.

At the center of the base is a gold compass dedication marker with a cardinal in the middle, naming the twelve schools and districts which formed the Webb City R-VII School District. On the west side of the base is a gold keystone marker explaining the establishment of the district in 1877 which states: " The Webb City School district was established in 1877 to serve the students of Webb City. Prior to the establishment of the Webb City Reorganized School District in 1968, area youth who lived outside the Webb City School District were educated in numerous one room rural school districts and high school districts in incorporating communities nearby. Over the years, consolidation and reorganization plans were initiated with the goal of providing better quality educational programs in a more efficient manner. In September, 1968, final reorganization took place when the Carterville School District vote as had Alba in 1967, to become a part of the Jasper County Reorganized School District R-VII, to be known and referred to as the Webb City R-7 School District." On the east side of the base is a gold keystone stating "Teachers Affect Eternity; You Can Never Tell Where The Influence Stops," a quote by Henry Adams (1838-1918), American journalist, historian, academic, and historian.

Area youth who lived outside the Webb City District were educated in the neighboring communities, some of which were one-room schoolhouses. Below is a listing of these schools:

Pearl Hill Rural School consolidated with Oronogo School District
Jackson Rural School consolidated with the Carterville School District
Tower of Light Rural School consolidated with Alba School District
Neck City School District consolidated with the Purcell School District
Prairie Flower Rural School Consolidated with Webb City School District
Prosperity Rural School consolidated with Webb City School District
Perseverance Rural School with Webb City School District
Underwood Rural School with Webb City School District
Oronogo School District reorganized with Webb City District (1964)
Alba School District reorganized with Webb City School District (1967)
Carterville School District reorganized with Webb City School District (1968)

In 1968, reorganization was completed to become what is known as the Webb City R-VII School District.

Located around the base of the tower are 4" x 8" red brick touchstones engraved with the names of former and current teachers and staff members. Each brick represents a person who touched the life of another through their teaching, mentoring, and friendship. The Heritage Tower touchstone scholarship program is designed so parents, teachers , students, and community members may make a donation to the Webb City Schools Foundation, Inc. And turn, honor that special teacher or staff member. Please consider donating to the Foundation's touchstone scholarship program in honor of someone who has touched your life. Your donation will recognize exceptional teachers and staff while benefitting the Foundation's work in our schools. Here is how the program works:
  1. Send $100 per touchstone brick to the Webb City Schools Foundation, Inc., 411 N. Madison Street, Webb City, MO 64870.
  2. Include the name of the teacher or staff member you would like to honor.
  3. You will receive a letter confirming your donation and this letter may be used for tax purposes.
  4. Touchstone bricks are ordered twice a year, in the spring and fall, and then placed in the foundation of the structure.
All the money raised from the Heritage Tower touchstones is used to further the mission of the Webb City Schools Foundation Inc. By honoring a teacher or staff you not only say "thank you" to that special person but also support Webb City Schools! For more information, please contact the district Central Office at (417) 673-6000.