How Can I Help

How Can I Help?

Be Someone’s Champion!

Webb City CARES has many volunteer needs throughout the district. Lunch Buddies offer children individualized time and attention at school on a consistent basis during a student’s lunch time. Reading Buddies offer children one-on-one reading time. Tutoring volunteers help children with reading and math. Tutoring volunteers should contact the school for school-specific tutoring needs. Cardinal MUSCLE (Men Using Strength, Compassion and Love to Encourage) greet each student at the door as they enter the school building. Cardinal MUSCLE sets a positive mood to start the school day. Consider being a champion to a child by volunteering with Webb City CARES.


School Volunteer Opportunities

*Background checks will be required for those who volunteer with Webb City CARES in the schools.


Madge T James Kindergarten

Contact: Amanda Green 673-6075

  • Reading Buddies (7:30-8:30am and 1:30-2:30pm)
  • Lunch Buddies


Webster Primary Center

Contact: Sarah Lee 673-6060

  • Cardinal CARE (Come And Read Everyday)
  • Lunch Buddies
  • Cardinal Muscle


Mark Twain Elementary

Contact: Jan Shelley 673-6050

  • Reading or math facts (Before school at 7:20am and 2:30-3:00pm)
  • Breakfast or Lunch Buddies
  • Tutoring during Smart Club   (Wednesday 3pm-4pm)
  • Cardinal Muscle

Eugene Field Elementary

Contact: Mark Drake 673-6040

  • Cardinal Muscle
  • Lunch Buddies


Bess Truman Primary Center

Contact: Stacy Hollingsworth 673-6055

  • Reading Buddies
  • Lunch Buddies

Harry S Truman Elementary

Contact: Jodi Bennett 673-6085

  • Cardinal Muscle
  • Lunch Buddies


Carterville Elementary

Contact: Jarrett Cook 673-6080

  • Cardinal Muscle
  • Lunch Buddies


Webb City Middle School

Contact: Alicia Zornes 673-6045

  • Cardinal Muscle
  • Lunch & Recess Buddies
  • Cardinal Time Tutoring


Webb City Junior High School

Contact: Angie Broaddus 673-6030

  • Tutoring (2:45pm-3:45pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • Cardinal Muscle
  • Club Time (last hour of the day once a month)


Webb City High School

Contact: Shawn Mayes 673-6010

  • Unlocking Your Potential (after school mentoring)

Webb City CARES House Opportunities

Snackpacks - Volunteers pack snacks for students who have been identified as food insecure on weekends, Christmas and Spring breaks. Volunteers meet every Thursday morning at the Webb City CARES House.

Special Events – Volunteer to help at Special Events (such as the Fun Walk, Back to School Fresh, School Supply Drive - collection and distribution.)