Budget, Goals & Objectives

District goals and objectives revised to strengthen and sustain district achievement The Board of Education and Administration amended the 2013-2014 goals and objectives during a strategic counseling session July, 2012 to address processes, implementation, and leadership directives.

“Revising our focus opens the door for the Board and Administration to explore new, and more productive ways, to prepare for our future effectiveness,” commented Dr. Anthony Rossetti, Superintendent. “We’re committed to being responsive to those we serve.

By taking a thoughtful and thorough approach to district planning, we can illuminate the path to sound leadership.” Overall, the process provides the tools the Board and Administration need to guide and collaborate to make improved decisions and therefore, improve overall results.

FOCUS GOAL Improve all aspects of instructional practice to increase student learning and enhance the likelihood each student will achieve a lifetime of success.

FOCUS OBJECTIVES Attract and retain high quality instructional and support personnel to carry out all necessary tasks associated with the educational programs of the district. Provide the necessary classroom instructional space, supplies and equipment for a growing school district. Maintain appropriate class sizes at all levels and in all programs. Carry out ongoing efforts to upgrade the each student’s educational technology experience. Provide a safe and modern instructional environment. Promote continuous improvement through the use of student performance data and professional development. Provide guidance and leadership with respect to the fiduciary financial solvency of the district.

Webb City R-VII Board of Education

Dave Collard, President

Dan McGrew, Vice President

Lisa Robinson

Jeanne Newby

Jason Woodmansee

Kevin Crane

Will Roderique