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IT Support Page

This summer we rolled out a new IT support system which many of you are benefiting from already. While our existing building level support email addresses still work and will continue to, we have some new options which you can find in our new IT support portal at:

Please bookmark this address as we have quite a few helpful resources for you in here and more to come.

New for today :

  • Hot Topics - feel like maybe you are not alone in this issue? Chances are you are right. Please check here before submitting your request, we have a few current issues getting special attention by our team.
    • For example our current Wireless Performance issue -- Please click the link to see current status and report your most recent experiences which help us so much as we press into the solution.
    • For Hot Topic items we would prefer you use the form links rather than submitting additional support tickets

Other items which may be new to you :

  • Chat - available most of the time during business hours
  • Searchable Knowledge base articles - which may help you solve your issue immediately

We look forward to seeing you on our new support portal . Thanks for reading and checking back on our Hot Topics status .

This helps us more than you know! We appreciate you all!