Degrees and Certifications:

The University of Missouri, BA in Honors Economics, 1981 Juris Doctorate, 1984 Webb City High School, 1977 Webb City Hall of Fame, 2002

Mrs. Gretchen Myers

Youngest Recipient of University of Missouri Honorary Order of the Barristers Award, 1994

Received Missouri Bar Association Lon O. Hocker Award, 1995

First Woman President, Missouri Trial Lawyer’s Association, 1997

"The Mighty Mechanical Man"



Degrees and Certifications:

Webb City High School, 1915 Webb City Hall of Fame, 2002

Mr. Frank Dale

Instrumental in the patenting of a process to harden fins in jet engines and patented an electric automobile in the early 1920’s.

Founded Mechanic Man, Inc., New York City, 1938. Created numerous mechanical animation devices used in movies, on Broadway and also to promote products of several major corporations. His most unique creation was the Mae West Doll for which he held the lifetime patent.

Invented artificial hands, disposable charcoal grills, insoles for shoes and scale model training devices used extensively during World War II.



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Clete Boyer

"48 Year" Professional Baseball Player/Coach



Degrees and Certifications:

Alba High School, 1945 Webb City R-7 Hall of Fame, 2002

Mr. Cloyd Boyer

Professional Baseball Career, 1945-1992

United States Navy 1944-45

Major League Player

St. Louis Cardinals, 1949-1952

Kansas City Athletics, 1955

Major League Coach

New York Yankees, 1975-77

Atlanta Braves, 1978-81

Kansas City Royals, 1982-83

Minor League Player, 1953-56

Minor League Coach, 1957-74 & 1984-92

Civic Leader & Patriotic American



Degrees and Certifications:

Joplin Business College, 1941 Webb City High School, 1939 Webb City R-7 Hall of Fame, 2002

Mr. Robert "Bob" Baker

World War II Veteran

Awarded the Bronze Star with one Oak Leaf

Cluster for action in Eastern France and assault crossing  of the Rhine

Past President of Webb City School Board, Chamber of Commerce, & The Missouri Society of CPAs

As Mayor of Webb City was instrumental in the acquisition of King Jack Park

Member of the Commission to Establish a Four-Year College at MSSC

Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout, and Silver Beaver

Founded Accounting Firm of Myers, Baker, Rife and Denham, CPAs, with Max Myers, 1948