Degrees and Certifications:

Missouri State University, Springfield, 1960 Webb City High School, 1954 Webb City R-7 Hall of Fame, 2005

Mr. Bob Chancellor

Radio and Television Journalist in Springfield and St. Joseph, Missouri, 1955-63

Employed by Voice of America, 1963-1989

Washington, D.C. writer & editor, 1963-66

Bangkok, Thailand, staff correspondent covering the Viet Nam War, 1966-69

Tokyo, Japan, Bureau Chief, 1969-72

Washington, D.C., Special Projects Officer, 1972-75

Nairobi, Kenya, Bureau Chief, 1975-79

Jerusalem, Israel, Bureau Chief, 1980

Johannesburg, South Africa, Bureau Chief, 1980-84

Houston, Texas, Bureau Chief, 1984-89

Member of Board of Directors of Gillioz Theater Restoration Project in Springfield, 1996-98

Member of Springfield, Missouri, Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights, 1996-98

Member of Springfield, Missouri, City Council, 1998-03