Clubs at WCHS

  • Clubs are an important part of student life at WCHS.
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    Book Club

    We read books from a variety of genres throughout the year. Students are encouraged to read the book of the month and come discuss their thoughts. Book club meets each month during the year excluding August and May. Come discuss books with us! 

    Sponsor: Lindsay Viets

    Meetings: Every other Tuesday

    Time: 2:45 p.m.

    Room: 801

    Please email the sponsor to sign up for this club.

    Business Club (FBLA & DECA)

    Students are members of FBLA and DECA and participate in one leadership development day per year. Students then prepare for competitive events related to business and marketing. The Competitive Events Program allows students to put their experience, skills and knowledge to the test through online events, case studies and written papers.  Our online testing is from December to January and our competition dates are in February, March, April & June.

    Sponsors: Brandon Rabel & Brenda Kaiser

    Meetings: 3rd Friday of every month

    Time: 7:20 a.m.

    Room: 1001

    Card Club

    Card Club provides a place for students that enjoy card games such as Magic the Gathering and Yu-gi-oh to connect and hang out with other students with similar interests. 

    Sponsor: Andrew Cummings

    Meetings: Every Thursday

    Time: 2:45-4:30 p.m.

    Room: Commons Area

    Counselor Sponsored Clubs

    If you are interested in working with younger students, you can apply for one of these clubs sponsored by the Counselor's Office.


    Sophomore, Junior, and Senior high school students apply and are selected to participate through a teacher evaluation process. They then visit 3rd and 4th grade classes in Webb City School District to talk about confidence and self-esteem, positive communication, social media interactions, peer pressure, and saying no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

    Sponsor: Leigh Miller

    Link Crew

    Junior and Senior volunteers attend two training sessions to prepare curriculum for freshman orientation. They then host the Freshman Orientation day and welcome all incoming freshmen by getting to know them and helping them become familiar with the building.

    Sponsor: Amelia Ross


    Junior and Senior volunteers in the Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALS) program visit Webb City elementary schools once per quarter to mentor selected elementary students. They get to know each other and develop a relationship to encourage the student to stay in school, get involved, and work on setting and achieving goals.

    Sponsor: Hailey Roderique


    FCA allows students to meet with other students who are interested in living a Christ-centered life. This club is not limited to student athletes and is free to join!

    Sponsors: Jeremy Butler, Doug Garrison, & Stephany Kelley

    Meetings: Wednesdays

    Time: 7:05 a.m.

    Room: Cardinal Theatre

    No sign-up required. Just show up.


    National Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for young men and women in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education in public and private school through grade 12. Through this organization, students will be able to develop and enhance their leadership skills, participate in community service, travel, compete in regional, state, and national competitions, and boost their resumes!

    Sponsors: Amanda Eckols and Amber Hunt

    Meetings: Every other Friday

    Time: 7:10 a.m.

    Room: 204

    Competitive Theater, Speech, and Debate Team

    Competitive Theatre, Speech, and Debate is a combination of public speaking, acting, and arguing all in one competitive sport. There are three “tracks” that students can take: Speech, Performance, and Debate. We compete in 28 different categories of events at weekend tournaments from October-June on the local, state, and national levels.  Students choose which events they want to compete in, whether to compete as individuals or with partners, and which tournaments they will attend.  They may take the Competitive Theatre and Debate class to help them prepare, but it is NOT a requirement.  This team provides many opportunities for students to win trophies, national awards, and scholarships.

    Sponsors: Head Coach - Tiffany Bolin, Assistant Coach - Nikki Owens

    Meetings/Practices: Please contact a sponsor for more information

    Twitter: @WCDebate
    Facebook: Search for WCDebate

    Please email the sponsor to sign up for this club.


    Future Teachers of America makes 4 field trips throughout the school year to schools in the district to observe, learn & grow and also have fun craft time with the students. We currently offer 2 AM trips and 2 full day trips. We would like to begin plans for implementing Adopt-a-Class again in the future, but for now we encourage our students to be a part of Hi-Step and PALS in addition to our club to get the full experience.

    Sponsor: Whitney Baker

    Meetings: 3rd Thursday of every month

    Time: 7:20 a.m.

    Room: Cardinal Theatre

    History Club

    We are committed to developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for history in our school and community. We analyze various historical events, visit historical sites and look for new ways to explore history. In the spring, we participate in National History Day Competition.

    Sponsor: Linda Uselmann

    Meetings: every Wednesday

    Time: 2:45-3:30 p.m.

    Room: 303

    International Thespians Society

    Students who are interested in theatre, whether they want to be in productions or simply enjoy watching productions are encouraged to attend! We discuss different topics related to theatre and engage in theatre activities.

    Sponsor: Teresa Sumler

    Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month

    Time: 2:45-3:30 p.m.

    Room: Cardinal Theatre

    JROTC Sponsored Clubs

    Students must be currently enrolled in a JROTC class to participate.

    JROTC Drill Team 

    Drill Team is open to all JROTC cadets who want to competitively compete in precision marching competition with and without weapons. 

    Sponsor: 1SG Attaway

    Meetings: Monday - Friday

    Time: 6:00 a.m. - 7:30 a.m.

    Room: JROTC Training Area or the Girls Gym

    JROTC Honor Guard 

    Honor Guard is a highly coveted position where cadets must try-out to be on the team. Honor Guard performs as a Color Guard at school and community events.

    Sponsor: 1SG Attaway

    Meetings: Monday - Friday

    Time: 6:00 a.m. - 7:30 a.m.

    Room: JROTC Training area or the Girls Gym

    JROTC Air Rifle Marksmanship Team 

    The Marksmanship Team is open to all JROTC cadets. Students must pass a rifle safety test at the beginning of the school year at 100% to be on the team.

    Sponsors: LTC Elder

    Meetings: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

    Time: 3:00 p.m.

    Room: JROTC Training Area


    JROTC Leadership Meeting

    Key leaders in JROTC meet to discuss how to improve the leadership within the classes.

    Sponsors: JROTC Instructors

    Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of the month

    Time: 6:45 a.m.

    Room: 901


    JROTC Staff Meeting

    Senior leaders in JROTC meet to plan and organize upcoming events.

    Sponsors: JROTC Instructors

    Meetings: 4th Wednesday of the month

    Time: 6:45 a.m.

    Room: 902


    To access the JROTC website, please click on the following link:


    The National Art Honor Society is dedicated to promoting art awareness throughout the school.  Students do art related services, maintain a 3.0 GPA and participate in field trips to local art events and venues.

    Sponsor: Jeremy Butler

    Meetings: 2nd Friday of each month

    Time: 7:15 a.m.

    Room: 804

    An application and membership dues are required to join.

    Play Production

    Students rehearse, create, and present theatrical productions.  A musical is presented in the fall and straight play in the spring.  Students can participate either as an actor on stage or behind the scenes with the set and/or costumes. Play Production is open to all students. You do NOT need to be enrolled in a theatre class to participate. We have on-stage roles and backstage crew so there is something for everyone.

    We produce 2 plays a year:

    A Musical in November ---- Auditions in early September

    A Children's Play in February ---- Auditions in December

    Rehearsal and construction times are according to the tech and actor rehearsal schedule.

    Sponsors: Tracy Eden, Nancy O'Banion, and Teresa Sumler


    SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) focuses on acceptance and understanding of all students.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Owens

    Meetings: White Day Mondays

    Time: 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

    Room: 703

    Scholar Bowl

    Scholar Bowl participates in academic competitions all over the COC. 

    Sponsor: Dustin Craft

    Meetings: Every Wednesday

    Time: 2:45-3:15 p.m.

    Room: 400 

    Please email the sponsor to sign up for this club.

    Science Club

    Science Club meets to discuss our upcoming science competitions, community service projects, field trips, and explore science!

    Sponsors: Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Friend, Mrs. Mock, Mrs. Howard, and Mrs. Linduff

    Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of each month

    Time: 7:15 a.m.

    Room: 201

    Webb City Young Republican Club

    We positively participate in the political process. We discuss various current events. Participate in the various political activities in the area. Basically, we learn how each of us can positively impact the political process.

    Sponsor: Linda Uselmann

    Meetings: Every Thursday

    Time: 7:10 - 7:35 a.m.

    Room: 303 

    No sign-up required. Just show up.