General Enrollment Information

  • In the spring of the eighth grade year, each student is required to develop a 4-year educational plan. The student must submit a copy signed by a parent to a counselor before he or she will be allowed to enroll. Each year, the student’s homeroom advisor will help the student to update the plan. During the February Parent/Teacher Conferences, the student’s parent(s) or guardian meet with the advisor to discuss the student's plan and a proposed schedule for the next school year. The student is not allowed to enroll for the upcoming school year until a parent/guardian has met with the homeroom advisor to discuss and approve revisions to the 4-year plan and the proposed schedule of classes.

    • Each student is individually responsible for meeting graduation requirements. If a student fails a semester of a required course, he or she must repeat the semester until a passing grade is received.

    • In most required courses, students are not allowed to enroll in the next level of a course until the prerequisite has been completed with a passing grade.

    • Seniors who are deficient in credits to the extent that they cannot graduate on time with their class, may be eligible for the MO Options/GED Program. Students who complete this program receive a MO Options/General Educational Diploma (GED) and may participate in regular graduation ceremony and activities. Interested students should contact a counselor for details.

    • When a student transfers credit from another school or from another program, transcripts are evaluated on an individual basis. Students currently enrolled at WCHS are encouraged to seek the approval of a counselor before pursuing credit from any institution other than the Webb City R-7 School District.

    • Students are not allowed to drop full-year courses after the first semester unless unusual and/or extenuating circumstances exist and the request is approved by the principal.

    • Students who drop a class after the first two weeks of a semester will receive a semester grade of “F” for that course.

    • Most classes will be filled with seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshman in that order.

    • The following classes may be repeated for credit: Band courses, Choir courses, PE I, PE II, Physical Training, ROTC, Library Science/Tech HelpDesk, Leadership, Debate & Theatre Competition, Office Applications, Publications, Journalism, Current Events, and Multimedia.