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 Gail & Nola Anderson



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Gail & Nola Anderson

Gail Maurice Anderson was born January 16, 1912 (3rd of 5
children) to Arthur Ray Anderson & Estella Florence Anderson
on Crow Street in Webb City. When Gail was seven, his father
built their farmhouse (which still stands) on 40 acres of
farmland in the Prairie Flower area. Nola was born on
November 12, 1914, in Christopher, Missouri, the 9th of 10
children to Maggie (Troup) Lett and Albert M. Lett. Although
she moved to Webb City in 1933, when she was 19, her roots in
Webb City goes back two generations before her.
Gail attended Prairie Flower School and graduated from Webb
City High School in 1930. He briefly attended Southwest
Baptist College before returning to Webb City and beginning
his career as a farmer. Nola graduated from Wyandotte High
School at the age of 16 and was Valedictorian of her class in
1931. She graduated Valedictorian from Northeastern
Oklahoma A&M College. In 1940 she started teaching in Webb
City at the West Side School, which was later replaced by Mark
Twain Elementary School.

Nola and Gail were married at the First Baptist Church, after
the Sunday Morning Worship Service, on June 1, 1942.
Because married women were not allowed to teach at that
time, she began to work at the Safeway Grocery Store in Webb
City. She has since devoted her life to supporting her husband
and rearing her daughters, Mary Gayle Anderson Ross and
Carolyn Anderson Warren, both of whom graduated from

If one sought to characterize the lives of Gail and Nola, the
words hard work, loyalty, dedication, devotion, faithfulness,
and dependability would surface repeatedly. Their lives reflect
a pattern of thinking of others before themselves, and doing
for others while asking little be done for them. Both are
known for their long affiliation with the First Baptist Church
in Webb City and their love and commitment to each other
and their family. It is with great pride we honor these
exemplary individuals who have served their community for
so long.