Pillars of the Past

  • During the 1977-78 school year, the Webb City High School Student Senate voted to place the pillars that stood in the three main entrances of the old high school, located on Broadway, on the front lawn of their new High School.   These “Pillars of the Past” were to be a lasting reminder of the rich educational heritage of the community.  The Student Senate fully funded the project by raising funds from students, families, alumni, community businesses and patrons.  Their goal was achieved and the pillars were dedicated on May 10, 1981, and have since been a source of pride in our community.

    The pillars of any great organization are rooted in service and are constant reminders of those who have laid the foundation for those to follow.   Great achievements are nurtured with the cooperation of many with a common vision working toward a common goal, which is the continued success of the students they have served.

    It is with great pride and thankfulness that we have chosen the following citizens as Pillars of the Past. Their hard work and dedication have helped lay a solid foundation upon which the Webb City R-7 School District continues to build.

  • 2018

    Tom Gosch

    Fred Daugherty

    George Garrison

    Terry Jeffries

    John Maples

    Les Tappana

    Jim Dawson

    Lucinda Copeland

    Greg Smith

    Kent Taylor

    Roger Bruner

    Bud Corner

    Sue Gosch


  • 2019

    Carolyn McGowan

    Marti Pittman

    Matthew Holt

    Randy Pierce

    Richard Correll

Pillars of the Past