Launch Online Classes Information

  • 2019-2020 Launch Classes

    Below you will find the classes that we will be offering through Launch for the upcoming school year as well as some guidelines for the students who can enroll in them.

    • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better prior to starting the class
      • Sophomores are allowed to earn up to 1 credit for the year
      • Juniors are allowed to earn up to 1 credit for the year
      • Seniors are allowed to earn up to 1 credits per semester for a total of 2 credits their senior year
    • Students my enroll in Launch during first and fourth block only on both red and white days
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation
    • The Launch contract must be read and signed by the student, parent/guardian, counselor, and principal before enrolling
    • The classes that students can earn credit for are listed below and the credit earned as it is below will be reflected on the student’s transcript
    • 1/2 credit courses are semester courses and can be taken either first or second semester
    • 1 credit courses are year long classes and must be taken both semesters
    • Please visit for more information

    Elective Credit

    ACT Prep---1/2 Credit
    Astronomy---1 Credit
    American Civil War---1/2 Credit
    Psychology of the Holocaust---1 Credit
    Psychology---1/2 Credit
    World Geography---1/2 Credit

    Communication Arts Credit

    Contemporary Lit---1 credit
    Creative Writing
    Creative Writing I---1/2 Credit
    Creative Writing II---1/2 Credit
    Must take Creative Writing I before taking Creative Writing II
    English I---1 Credit
    English II---1 Credit
    English III---1 Credit
    English IV---1 Credit
    AP English Lit & Comp---1 Credit

    Fine Arts Credit

    Fine Arts Appreciation I: Music---1/2
    Fine Arts Appreciation II Art---1/2 Credit
    Music Theory---1/2 credit

    Health Credit

    Health---1/2 Credit

    Math Credit

    Algebra I---1 Credit
    Algebra II---1 Credit
    Geometry---1 Credit
    Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry---1 Credit
    AP Calculus AB---1 Credit
    AP Statistics---1 Credit

    Practical Art Credit

    Computer Applications---1/2 Credit
    Digital Communications---1/2 Credit
    Financial Accounting---1 Credit
    Personal Finance---1/2 Credit
    Web Design---1/2 Credit
    Intro to Computer Science---1/2 Credit
    AP Computer Science---1 Credit

    Science Credit

    Chemistry---1 Credit
    General Biology---1 Credit
    AP Physics---1 Credit

    Social Studies Credit

    United States History---1 Credit
    World history---1 Credit
    AP US Gov. & Politics---1 Credit
    AP US History---1 Credit

    Foreign Language Credit

    French I---1 Credit
    French II---1 Credit
    Japanese I---1 Credit
    Japanese II---1 Credit
    Spanish I---1 Credit
    Spanish II---1 Credit