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  • Chromebooks should be charged at home each night:

    It is your responsibility to bring your chromebook to school fully charged each day and to bring your charger with you to school in case you need it. Please do not get in the habit of only charging your device at school. Most classrooms do not have enough wall plugs/power strips to handle the demand.

    Chromebook Battery Health:

    Please make sure you do not let your chromebook's battery run down below 15%.

    • If your battery gets to 1%, your chromebook may not turn back on until you've left your device on the charger for a while and it may reset to factory settings.
    • Running your battery down to 1% frequently will also shorten its life.
    • Please do not let your chromebook go to sleep if you have a Google Play app open or if you have video and game tabs open. That will drain your battery very quickly.

Chromebook Help

  • If your chromebook or a website you use is having issues, you may need to Clear the Cache & Cookies, Reset Settings, do a Hardware Reset, or do a ChromeOS Update. Sometimes just restarting your device will fix issues.

    For more information on how to troubleshoot your specific issue, please see the following document:

    WCR7 Student Device - Troubleshooting Common Issues (link goes to a Google Doc)

    If you don't see your problem listed, please stop by the HelpDesk.