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    • Never use a usb-c type phone charger to charge your chromebook.
    • Chromebooks should be charged at home each night.
    • Don't keep papers, books, or notebooks inside your chromebook bag and don't overstuff the pocket. 

    Cold Weather Reminder

    As temperatures drop below freezing during the winter, make sure your chromebook stays warm and dry. Please don't leave your chromebook in your vehicle when it's cold outside. 

    Chromebook Help

    If your chromebook or a website you use is having issues, you may need to Clear the Cache & Cookies, Reset Settings, do a Hardware Reset, or do a ChromeOS Update. Sometimes just restarting your device will fix issues.

    For more information on how to troubleshoot your specific issue, please see the following document:
    WCR7 Student Device - Troubleshooting Common Issues (link goes to a Google Doc)
    If you don't see your problem listed, please stop by the Tech HelpDesk in the Library.