• Bus Transportation                                                             

            The Webb City R-7 School District provides transportation to qualifying students.  Bus routes have been established to best serve the needs of all pupils. In order to accomplish this task, it is required that students be picked up and delivered to the same address each day.  If your child arrives home when you are not there, your child should always have an alternate place nearby to go.  While students may be picked up at one address and delivered to another, as long as both addresses are within an existing route, neither address can vary from day to day.  Only students on the driver's official roster will be allowed to ride the bus.  

            The school should be notified when a permanent change of address occurs.  If for any reason the child is to be picked up at school by the parent, a note must be sent with the child or he/she will be put on the bus.  The parent must sign the child out at the office when taking the child. Teachers will not release students until the office is made aware they are leaving.  


    Bus Transportation - Behavior                                           

            Bus transportation is provided to qualifying students according to bus routes approved by the Board of Education.  Maintenance of proper behavior of all students when being transported to and from school and on school activities is required.  Students who misbehave on school buses may be issued pink slips which serve as notification of the infraction and disciplinary action taken.  Students who receive three pink slips may be denied transportation privileges for 10 days. Students who receive four pink slips may be denied transportation privileges for the remainder of the year.  It is requested that all parents are cooperative with school officials to assure a safe and orderly transportation program. Administrators will use discretion in assigning consequences as necessary.