Degrees and Certifications:

Amanda Robbins

As Director of Grants, it is my mission to actively pursue and secure local, state, and federal funding to provide support to District personnel that will allow for educational enhancements of all Webb City students. Working closely with personnel to effectively identify building needs that align with the District’s Mission allows this process to transpire coherently. Oversight, management, reporting and compliance of all funding agreements (categorical/conditional, block, project, and formula-based) will continue through the Grants Office for any project/program that has been allocated grant funding. 


As Director of Community Relations, it is my job to provide the most accurate, timely, and relevant information possible to the school community and the general public. In order to accomplish this, a number of online and offline channels are utilized. These include:

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

District Website

Building Websites

District Report Card

District-Wide Calling Notification System

District App

Event Coordination/Management